16 ianuarie 2011

Ce carti ma reprezinta

De pe blogul Oanei am aflat de doua teste legate de carti. Prima n-am citit-o, si chiar mi-a starnit curiozitatea.
Iata rezultatele mele:

You're The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

by C.S. Lewis

You were just looking for some decent clothes when everything changed
quite dramatically.

For the better or for the worse, it is still hard to tell. Now it
seems like winter will never end and you feel cursed. Soon there will be an epic
struggle between two forces in your life and you are very concerned about a betrayal
that could turn the balance. If this makes it sound like you're re-enacting Christian
theological events, that may or may not be coincidence. When in doubt, put your trust
in zoo animals.

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You're Romeo and Juliet!

by William Shakespeare

While people think of you as the most romantic person alive,
you may actually be more prone to offer practical warnings of what happens when
people follow their feelings too severely. You do believe that love has the power
to conquer the sharpest divides, no matter the cost. It's just not entirely clear
whether that cost is worth it. People spend a great deal of time referencing the
things you've said or even singing about you. Nevertheless, they are most likely
to describe you as "star-crossed".

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