21 septembrie 2011

CISSmarket.com launch

Save up to 95% on your printing cost with CISS products.

CISSmarket have now launched www.CISSmarket.com , an online store designed to provide smart printing solutions to people across Europe.

CISSmarket.com is specializing in continuous ink supply systems (CISS) which provide a number of important benefits:
=> they can save up to 95% of printing cost compared to using ordinary cartridges
=> it costs the same to print in black/white or color
=> a CISS full with ink represents the equivalent of up to 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges

CISS System (also known as the  continuous ink supply system) is used in inkjet printers. It fills a special type of ink cartridge continuously through a capillary system connected to external reservoirs. Cartridges never get dry and you don’t have to replace them. Instead, you need to add ink in the  external tanks when they are almost empty.

External ink tanks, which are part of the CISS are located near the printer. Can be 4, 5, 6 or 8 separate tanks, depending on your printer. Each is filled with ink of a certain color. One tube carry the ink from the tanks inside the printer in the ink cartridge. Continuous ink supply systems (CISS) save money that would otherwise be spent on expensive ink cartridges and often should be discarded while still contain ink. At acquisition, the CISS ink comes full (about 100ml for each color) and after you finish the ink you can  buy the ink for each color separately, in containers of 100ml. The ink is more economical and you can be sure that you will use it completely.

Another advantage of the system is that the CIS cartridge is always full and the colors produced are constant no matter how many pages in a single print job. If you print large numbers of photos, for example, you can rest assured that you will not run out of ink. External tanks are transparent and you can easily see when one color is close to finish and you must refill. But you don’t have to do  this very often, because the tanks contains the equivalent of 10 to 30 sets of original ink cartridges.

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