11 mai 2011

Povestea lui Alan: Calul salbatic - Citate

"Love is a game for winners - in my opinion. It is a game that is played even though it will just annoy you in the end. I think of it as Monopoly: Everybody starts out with nothing, and then no
matter what way you play the game it’s always the banker who wins. The answer: The winner cheats. Love works on the same principle. No matter how good your position is in the game you
always want a better one."

"So, here comes the moment of heartbreak. The couple of seconds before my heart broke I felt like I was jumping out of a plane, ready to parachute onto a paradise island, but on the moment and a couple of seconds after it I felt like I jumped without a parachute."

"The wild horse beats the tame one each and every time. "

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